Top Best Quality DVD Recorders 2016

This article will focus on DVD Recorders Reviews while guiding you through which one to buy if you are wishing to have one.

DVD recorders have been manufactured mostly for the purpose of recording television shows and watching DVD movies. These products work in the same way as a video cassette recorders only the machine will record your favorite shows or movies onto a DVD disc.

While a DVD recorder can play DVDs, they are also able to play CDs. Most people these days have their stereo systems connected to their home theater systems. You can choose to buy a standard DVD recorder or you can purchase one that also plays Blu-ray discs. High definition discs can be bought to record via your personal computer, however Blu-ray DVD recorders that record on to Blu-ray discs are not available.

OPPO BDP-103 Universal Disc Player (SACD / DVD-Audio / 3D Blu-ray)

If you aren’t interested in recording your movies or TV shows onto to DVD discs, then finding a DVR for sale is probably a much better option. The advantages of Magnavox DVR recorders for instance, is that they allow you to record to a hard drive to playback later on and many record via high definition. TiVo has received a lot of great reviews, however there are many cable and satellite providers out there that offer a DVR for a monthly fee. These companies offer many different packages. From the research done to write this article, it is clear that there are many other options available now.

The downside of DVRs or TiVo is that you cannot record directly to a DVD disc, which is a big reason why many consumers are in the market for DVD recorders. Most of these products allow you to record one show and watch another, and the one that I currently use allows me to record to a hard-drive and record to a disc later on. Another advantage of DVR’s or TiVo is that you can pause live shows or even skip ahead or skip backwards. The technology of DVRs is certainly worth considering if all you are wanting is some way to record your favorite shows.

Best DVD Recorders Reviews Guide

NamePictureClick for DetailsCost
NamePictureClick for DetailsCost
TOSHIBA DVRToshiba Dvr620 Dvd/vhs 2-way Dubbing Recorder Combo VCD -+Rw 1080p$$$
MAGNAVOX HDD RECORDERMagnavox MDR537H/F7 HDD/DVD Recorder (Black)$$$
FUNAI DVD RECORDER VCR COMBOFunai ZV427FX4 Combination VCR and DVD Recorder $$$
PANASONIC RECORDERPanasonic DMR-EZ28K DVD Recorder with 1080p Upconversion (2004 Model)$$$
SONYSony VRDMC6 DVDirect Compact Size DVD Burner with AVCHD Recording$$$
SONYSony RDR-VXD655 VHS DVD Recorder Combo with Built In HD Tuner$$$
PANASONIC RECORDERPanasonic Dvd Recorder - Panasonic DMR-EA18K Tunerless 1080p Upconverting DVD Recorder$$$
MAGNAVOX DVD RECORDERMagnavox Dvd Recorder - Magnavox ZC320MW8B Progressive Scan DVD±RW Recorder w/Line-in Recording (Manufacturer Refurbished)$$$
PANASONIC RECORDERPanasonic DMREH59GAK 250GB HDD Multi Region DVD Recorder (Black)$$$
LG ELECTRONICSLG Dvd Recorder - LG RC897T Multi-Format DVD Recorder and VCR Combo with Digital Tuner (2009 Model)$$$
LG ELECTRONICSMulti-Format DVD Recorder / VCR Combination w/ 3-In-1 Memory Slot & HiFi Stereo Sound$$$


Toshiba DR430 DVD Player/Recorder Review


Toshiba Dvd Recorder DR 430

One product that has gotten a lot of good feedback in the US and other parts of the world is the Toshiba DR430. I can certainly give Toshiba my endorsement as a great brand as I have a Toshiba Laptop computer that is eight years old and still going strong. In any case this particular product has had a lot of feedback from consumers, most of this feedback is positive and most of the negative feedback revolved around the typical complaints that have been mentioned above. Most owners of this product seem to be very happy with it’s performance.

The Toshiba has no tuner, however there are some terrific features. The user can watch a program before it is finished recording and can also skip the commercials. File support is not the best, however it does enable to user to use a USB input to play back programs or movies from a USB flash drive. This machine only plays DVDs in standard definition, however they can be converted to a higher resolution if this is desired by using the HDMI link on a high definition television. Check Out All the Toshiba DR430 Brands Here

Magnavox ZC320MW8B Progressive Scan DVD±RW Recorder w/Line-in Recording Review

Magnavox ZC320MW8B Progressive Scan DVD±RW Recorder w/Line-in Recording (Manufacturer Refurbished)

If your television is a standard definition unit then you may wish to consider purchasing the Magnavox ZC320MW8B. The features of this brand are similar to the Toshiba brand and the feedback has been very positive. There is no USB support, and file support is limited to MP3 files. The prices are around $100, however it is my opinion that the Toshiba is the better deal. Buy Magnavox ZC320MW8B From

If you desire a DVD recorder that has it’s own tuner and a machine that has more features than the more basic DVD recorders, you will need to consider that this may cost you more to get the better features. Personally, I would go for something that has better features and a tuner and I would probably want a machine with a hard drive as well. The only negative of this decision can be the cost, however these machines are far more cheaper than they were when they first hit the market.

Most of the reviews have claimed that these types of DVD recorders are mostly a pleasure to use. Unfortunately many manufacturers have stopped offering these machines, especially in the United States. In the US, a company by the name of Funai are offering hard-disk DVD recorders under the Magnavox brand. Personally I have found the Magnavox brand to be pretty good as I have had a Magnavox TV for many years that still performs well. There has been a lot of great feedback about these machines, and users have reported that these Hard-Disk Drive, DVD recorders are well made and will do everything the instructions promise.

Magnavox MDR515H 500GB HDD and DVD-R with Digital Tuner Review

Magnavox MDR515H 500GB HDD and DVD-R with Digital Tuner

The Magnavox MDR515H/F7 DVD recorder boasts a 500 GB capacity hard drive. This in itself is quite generous given the price which is discussed further on in this article. My first DVD recorder was an LG brand, and it only offered 140 GB, for a price of $499. You will pay less than that, and will benefit from even better features than what my first model offered. The 500 GB hard drive is equivalent to 620 hours of television programs or movies, however that also depends on what kind of quality you wish to record in. If you decide to record your programs in the highest quality available, then you will be able to store around 103 hours of data. This particular model does not have its own programming guide, however it can access the one that digital TV stations provide. The downside of this is that you are unable to use this EPG to program your machine to record, you will need to set up the timer and TV station, much like you would do when programming a VCR. This is a feature that I could do without, however some people may want the convenience of being able to select a program from the EPG to record.

This machine is not capable of replacing a digital DVD recorder, however it does come with some redeeming features that many DVRs have. The Magnavox MDR515H/F7 can pause and resume a live television show. For example you may need to leave the room in the middle of an important football game, so you can pause it, return and not miss a second of the game. Recording from this DVD recorder is much easier than some of the basic models. You also have the advantage of a back up of your recording, thanks to the HDD that is built into the machine. If you are only just learning how to record to DVD discs, it is a good idea to have the hard-drive as you have a backup copy, this ensures that you do not lost your recording should something go wrong.

This model also boasts a one hour power back up for the timer in case of a black out or loss of power for any reason. This is extremely helpful. The feedback has been quite good, however I did not find any professional reviews. It is much better to speak to customers who have used a product and listen to what they have to say. You can expect to pay around $300 – $330 for this machine, however if you are prepared to shop around and see what is available online, you may be able to save a few dollars and this is always a good thing.

MAGNAVOX MDR513H/F7 HDD and DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner, Black Review

MAGNAVOX MDR513H/F7 HDD and DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner, Black (Old Version)

Magnavox also offers the model, MDR513H/F7, which is priced at around $400. It is one particular model that has become quite difficult to find in the shops. This machine has a smaller hard-drive that has a capacity of 320 GB and will hold around 387 hours of data. At the highest-quality it will store around 64 hours. There are not as many features as the previous Magnavox discussed above. One feature that is missing is the back up power feature. Given that this machine is more expensive than the Magnavox MDR515H/F7 I would probably eliminate it from my list. Some owners of this machine have stated that they do not like the remote control. Having said that, this model’s performance and abilities to do what is required have gotten the thumbs up. Reviewers have been mostly positive about this product.

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Consumers have reported feeling frustrated with their DVD recorders. The most common problem reported is that the machine will not record programs. Some people have found the instructions hard to understand and have reported feeling confused about which DVD discs they should use to record a program. However, the upside of this is that you will eventually figure it out. When I bought my first VCR, I felt like it took me forever to figure out how to use it, but I eventually got the hang of it.

Not all DVD Recorders come with hard-drives, and these can be more expensive as well, however in my opinion the hard-drive option is definitely worth having. Having a back up copy of what you have recorded in case recording to the disc goes wrong means you can try again until you get it right and you don’t lose the recording. While Digital Video Disk recorders with disk drives don’t have the same technology, some include features of instant reply or the the ability to watch a previously recorded program while recording another one.

A standard Digital Video Disk recorder is quite inexpensive and obviously does not have as many features as other types of recorders. These days however, Digital video recorder with tuner are very simple to set the timer to record a program as many have an Electronic Television Guide (EPG) built into the system. It is a simple process of selecting the program via the EPG and pressing the timer button.

There are some Digital Video Disk recorders that do not allow you to use the EPG to set the timer, which is something I have never come across, having used several different DVD recorders. Editing your DVD’s can be difficult with the more basic machines as you are limited to a certain format. Some  recorders  of Digital Video Disc don’t have a built in digital tuner or decoder.

It is wise to make a list of the features you are looking for, so when you are selecting a machine you get the features that you desire. A machine without a tuner is fine if you are getting your television service via cable or satellite or you have access to converter box, however many people still use a digital antenna to watch their television shows.

When DVD players and recorders first hit the market there were many options, however these days the consumer is fairly limited in terms of how many companies still make these products. So there you have it, a comprehensive assessment of DVD recorders and what types are available to the consumer. I really hope that you have found this information helpful and useful. If so click the share button below.