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Best Turntable Under 500 Dollars Reviews

Turntable or record player is generally a simple musical disc comprising of parts like the tonearm, the platter, a cartridge and a motor which drives the platter. Nowadays, a number of best turntables under 500 $ come with a USB port fitted with it which makes transferring files easily from the vinyl to your computer. It can either be operated manually or automatically.

You may think now when we have iPods and other musical devices, why do we need a turntable for? The fact is that the turntables produce crisp music with awesome clarity which you surely wouldn’t want to miss. They are available in various prices; some even less than $500. You may assume that since they are so cheap, they won’t emit clear-cut sound. But the amazing fact is that you can get the best in that budget also! Surprised? Then let us show you some of the turntables less than $500 available in the market.

Best Turntable Under 500 Dollars Table

MUSIC HALL MMF 2.2$299.00
TEAC TN-300$290.99
 (Price subject to change by sellers)

Top Affordable Record Player under 500$ Review

1. Rega RP1 Turntable

Rega RP1 Turntable

The Rega RP1 is one of the excellent on budget turntables from the Rega brand. When you see this record player online, you will be amazed to see how simplicity can meet style. By far it is the easiest turntable to set up. The high quality and low vibration motor are available now at an amazing price which we are sure you wouldn’t want to miss. It plays any kind of music with confidence and unmatched smoothness and we list is as our number one on the list of record players below 500 bucks

Price: $445

Features of The Record Player Rega RP1

  • The hand is assembled with the strong RB 101 arm along with a motor which has stepped pulley.
  • It is a rectangular pedestal with three rubber feet.
  • The hardware consists of the Ortofon OMB5 Cartridge.
  • The phenolic resin improves the stability in speed with its flywheel effect.
  • The Rega Carbon moving magnet cartridge helps to emanate high-quality sound.


  • Emits a terrific sound
  • The manual speed changer reduces inconsistencies in speed and prevents the drive belt to wear away.
  • Easy to set up and is extremely reliable when it comes to the durability of the product.


  • Since this is a manual turntable, the needle won’t lift all by itself. So you have to get up and change the needle every time a song ends.
  • This product doesn’t have a switch to change the speed.

Music Hall MMF 2.2 record player2. Music Hall MMF 2.2 turntable review

Another turntable available to you costing less than $500 but not compromising on the quality is Music Hall MMF 2.2. The MMF 2.2 is available in three colors. The standard version is available in the high gloss black finish and looks super classy.

Price: $299.


  • The turntable has a pre-installed Tracker cartridge which carries the trademark by Goldring.
  • The asynchronous motor with dual speed pulley keeps the plates rotating.
  • It has a non-magnetic alloy platter. The tonearm can be adjusted according to the convenient height.
  • It has adjustable leveling feet under it which prevent the turntable from falling.


  • Gives out transparent, clear-cut and refined sound.
  • You can easily set it up as it easy to assemble.
  • The belt drive system and the motor mount separate the motor’s vibration from the frame so that the noise doesn’t revert back to the cartridge. There is an external AC power supply which cuts back any interference of noise.


  • The manual turntable doesn’t lift the needle all by itself. So you have to get up and change the music track.
  • The tonearm skimps sometimes
  • Goes out of stock fast due to its gorgeous color.

3. Pro-Ject debut Carbon 

Pro-Ject has been a brand name for long in turntable manufacturing. The turntables have always been the center ofPro-Ject debut Carbon  white record player under 500$ attention for many reasons. Not only they look good and sleek, they score the best when it comes to playing music. If you want to settle for a turntable which not only performs well but also won’t cost you a bomb, then this is an ideal product for you.

Price: $399


  • It is made up of 8.6” tonearm which is made of carbon. As a result, the tonearm is extra light but super strong.
  • The fixed headshell helps you to set up this product easily.
  • A high-end cartridge, 2M Red by Ortofon, is fitted to this carbon arm. This combination tracks and recovers the musical details which you may miss out if heard on something else.


  • This turntable plays all the musical notes with details, even the low background tones. Gives out a crisp and clear sound.
  • You will love the small size and the low weight of the product. You can easily carry it anywhere.
  • The entire black finish of the product makes it sleek, sophisticated and super stylish to look at.


  • Some parts of this modern turntable have the risk of wearing and tearing. So you may need to replace some parts after some years. This includes the wiring, the clamp, and even the arm.
  • Since you have to assemble the product, there are chances that some parts may not work when you install the entire thing.

4. TEAC TN-300 best usb turntable

TEAC TN-300 turntableThis is a turntable which comes from Japan and is an analog turntable built with a chic chassis. TEAC has a good reputation in the Japanese market and now it is looking for opportunities in the overseas. It is expected that with this entry level turntable, they are sure to tap in potential music lovers.

Price: $298.99


  • It has a built-in phono equalizer.
  • The cartridge is Audio-Technica MM type phonograph.
  • There is a USB output for transferring music from the vinyl to your computer.
  • The aluminum platter is die-casted.
  • It is manual belt drive.
  • You can safely connect a 3.5 mm cable with this affordable record player and connect to the speaker.


  • The high torque DC motor helps in giving a stable rotation to the vinyl. A highly polished stainless steel maintains the high accuracy of the spindle.
  • The USB output is one of its biggest advantages.
  • The terminals over the headshells are gold plated which prevents corrosion of the headshell.
  • The vinyl supports your phone and thus helps in sharing and transfer of music.


  • Often you will feel that the cartridge is not up to the mark, although AT95E is a popular one.
  • The manual mode is one of its biggest setbacks.

5. Marinate TT42P Turntable

Marinate TT42P TurntableAnother great turntable for you to have in your collection if you are a crazy music lover is the Marinate TT42P turntable. It looks super stylish with all its metal bearing and metal body. If you want a turntable with minimal functions which suits the purpose of playing songs within budget, you should settle for this one.

Price: $359


  • The Marinate is completely automatic and has a DC servo belt drive.
  • The low-coloration tone arm along with a transparent dust cover prevents any kind of distortion in music.
  • The automatic vinyl has a push button which turns it on.
  • It has a pre-mounted cartridge of Audiotechnica 4.0mV moving magnetic cartridge.


  • Its biggest advantage is that it is automatic. You just have to push a button to play your favorite tracks and that’s it.
  • The moving magnet cartridge and the automated dust cover reduce the friction in music.
  • The DC servo motors give accurate speed and crisp sound without any harshness.
  • The heavy base construction keeps the table firm.


  • It doesn’t have a USB port, so there is no scope for transferring music to your computer or other devices.
  • It is preset and doesn’t let you experiment with the cartridges.

6. U-Turn Audio Orbit Plus Turntable

One of the high-performance turntables packaged and manufactured by U-Turn. With a superbU-Turn Orbit Plus turntable under 500 $ cartridge and a stable built, this can be anyone’s favorite turntable. It has an acrylic platter which reduces friction in voice.

Price: $309


  • This record players are driven by a belt and have high-quality Ortofon OM 5E cartridge.
  • The acrylic platter gives a better and consistent speed and a tighter bass sound.
  • It has a dust cover which doesn’t let the dust stuck to the cartridge.
  • The turntable weighs 15 pounds only and can be easily transported from one room to the other.
  • Can be connected with speakers through the RCA cable.
  • Has a uni pivot tonearm, vibration-proof base, and a manually driven belt.


  • The acrylic platter delivers superb sound with an enhanced speed which makes for a great listening.
  • The punchier bass makes every note of the music clear and crisp.
  • The Grado Black1 cartridge helps to deliver a natural sound which can beat any speaker.
  • The dust cover protects the platter from accumulating dirt, thus making a smooth hearing experience.


  • The turntable doesn’t have an inbuilt preamp. You need to buy a preamp separately or adjust it with an amplifier which has a preamp already installed.
  • You have to operate the tonearm manually.


The Audio Technica ATH-LP5 stands out in the league of other turntables because of the way its platter spins! It is an affordable turntable which delivers smooth performance and is equally durable. The platter is made up of aluminum adjusted with a heavy rubber mat on the top so that resonances are lessened down completely.

Price: $299


  • The direct drive technology gives a stable rotation
  • The cartridge is high definition AT95EX magnetic enabled which is exclusively designed for Audio Technica
  • It comes fitted with an anti-vibrating element so that it can lessen unwanted resonance.
  • Have a USB port and Audacity software which is compatible with your computer.
  • The preamplifier is inbuilt and can be switched with an RCA output cable
  • 33-1/3, 45 and 78 rpm speeds.
  • Includes a headshell


  • It is a high torque motor which gives another definition to your favorite music tracks.
  • It has an adjustable foot which gives accurate leveling
  • The Audacity software can transfer the vinyl to mp3.
  • The tone arm is s-shaped and has an adjustable counterweight with an added anti-skate adjustment.
  • The LP5 is fitted with an IEC main connection which makes the deck sit upright on the ground.


  • The audio cables may fall short and you may have to buy another pair of RCA wire
  • Assembling the product may be too tiresome as it is highly complicated and technical.
  • Don’t have a standard dust cover.

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