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Best Headphones for Classical Music Under $100


Today, headphones have grown from being used to only listen to audio music in private to a highly sought after fashion. Whether you want to listen to high energy orchestral symphony or private listening of your favorite classical concerto,  great sounding headphones will certainly enhance your experience.  Knowing that a high quality earphone will make a difference,  the following review table on some of the best headphones for Classical music under 100 bucks will help you choose your preferred earbuds. Top Headphones for Classical Music Under 100 Dollars Reviews Table  (Price subject to change by sellers) Best Headphones Under 100 Dollars 1. JVC HARX900 The JVC ha-rx900 headphones have a closed ear design meaning that the cover the ears completely allowing just minimal sound leakage. They have a frequency response of 7-26,000Hz and they can reproduce an amazing sound stage which you use to identify the location of each instrument as the sound echoes in your ear. ...

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Best Online Electric Guitar Lessons For beginners

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Best Radar Detector Under 100 Dollars


 NOTE: In some states, use of Radar Detector IS PROHIBITED. Price subject to change without warning.

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Best Earbuds Under 100$

Best Earbuds under 100 $

If you love that loud sound of music at concerts, then you can do so at your home too with the help of the best earbuds under 100 $! This earphones are nothing but miniature loudspeakers fixed to your ears.  Earbuds have become a part of the life of all the music lovers; even the mobile phone companies make it a point to add an earphone as part of the package. Following are a list of top 10 earphones equipped with all the latest technologies and that too at a very cheap price. Not convinced? Then you must read the full article below to know more. (Price subject to change by third party) Best Earbuds Under 100 $ 1.Sony MDR-XB90EX In-Ear Extra Bass Headphones Price: $89.46 One of the best earbuds under 100 $ currently available in the market is the Sony MDR. Sony is already a brand name in the field ...

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Best mic for Rap vocals under 1000

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Best Bookshelf Speakers under 500

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Best Bracelet GPS tracker for kids under 300

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Product Review of Magnavox DVD Recorder with VCR (2016)


Review of Magnavox DVD Recorder with VCR – Model MWR20V6 I was in need of a recorder to transfer VHS tapes, that I bought years ago, to the DVD format. The tapes were not getting any younger, and I didn’t even know if they were still in good condition for recording. I looked at several dual recorders and wound up buying the Magnavox model, due to its past reliability. Or so I thought. It cost me approximately $150, which I rationalized as being cost effective as my VHS tapes were worth close to $500. I gleefully told my wife I was saving her a ton of money and we would have my tapes on DVD for eternity. She nodded half-heartedly and gave me the green light. After getting the Magnavox DVD Recorder with VCR – Model MWR20V6 home, the electronic nightmare began. I can’t blame the manufacturer for the confusing, idiotic ...

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Why DVD Recorders are Getting So Hard to Find (The Case of the Disappearing DVD Recorder)


          The Case of the Disappearing DVD Recorder: Why DVD Recorders are Getting So Hard to Find In the case of the United States, dvd recorders are disappearing from store shelves.  Why is this?  The Motion Picture Association and cable providers are notoriously zealous in protecting its intellectual property rights.  So HBO and other networks have deployed a copy-protection tool called “record once” which makes it impossible to copy their movies and shows to DVD disks.  Instead you can copy them to HDD hard drives.  So you cannot offload these content on DVD disks to build up a library of movies and shows.  This is not an issue in other countries as cable providers there do not use this technology.  People who have bought DVD recorders and are complaining about this have been losing in the courts when they try to litigate this issue. Time Warner cable uses this technology ...

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