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Reviews of 6 VCR/DVD Recorder Combinations in 2016

If you are among those who will like to play video cassette recorders as well as DVD, then you will need to have a set that will enable you achieve VCR/DVD recorder combination. There are many brands of recorders that have the ability of combining the two types of recorders. It is upon you to take your time and assess them so that you will decide on one that will serve you well. The recorders available that offer VCR/DVD recorder combination capabilities vary on many aspects. For example, they will vary on the price at which they are sold as well as added features on each of them. This is why it is very necessary for you to review the VCR/DVD recorder combination sets before you decide to by one.

1. Funai ZV427FX4 VCR and DVD recorder

Some effective tips of buying the best DVD recorderWith the set you can achieve 1080p conversion. This will be achieved through use of HDMI output conversion. In case you are among those who will like to achieve clear view of images while making use of the recorder, then you will be making the right decision after you decide to go for the system. The system is among the best that will offer you great picture quality. With the set you will not be stressed on where to view home movies from, you will be able to play those favorite movies recorded in VHS tapes. For those movies stored in DVD, you will play them without any stress. The set has been made to deliver great quality. In order to ensure the sound produced is great; the set has been equipped with Dolby digital output. There is no day you will complain about quality of sound after you decide to buy the system. In case you will like to have line in recording, then you will easily achieve it through use of cable/satellite box. The set is available at a considerably low price. This is the ideal dvd player in case of a tight budget and don’t want to convert to DVDs.

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2. Samsung DVD-VR357 Tunerless

Samsung DVD-VR357 –Tunerless is a Multi Format DVD Recorder with VHS HiFi Player. It has features such as HDMI Upconversion, One Touch 2 Way Dubbing and it is a DIvXCompatable. The set goes at $650. In case you will like to have a set that will enable you play DVD and VCR as well as allowing you to connect it to other devices via HDMI cable, then this is a set that you can buy and you will never regret. It will transform your living room into a place where you will enjoy great entertainment each time you will sit down to relax. Although the set is priced a bit high compared to other sets in the market, it will offer you the best services. It is a set that has been made to meet the highest standards.

3. Magnavox DV220MW9

Magnavox MDR515H 500GB HDD and DVD-R with Digital TunerWith the recorder you will enjoy DVD/ DVD-R/-RW or even CD-R/-RW playback. It has great design with monochrome sound. With the set you will have features such as S-video output, subtitle and Title display. You can decide to use random play or program play when operating it. For a surround sound output, the system has been fitted with Dolby digital audio. The set goes at a retail price of $390. For those who will like to buy sets that will cost them at considerable prices, then this is among the set that they can consider. It is priced at an average price when compared to others.

4. Magnavox ZV427MG9 Recorder

MAGNAVOX MDR513H/F7 HDD and DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner, Black (Old Version)This is another set that you can buy and achieve VCR/DVD recorder combo capabilities. It has features such as line in recording through a satellite cable, 4 VCR video heads, one touch recording, Dolby digital recording, 12 program recording, left channel stereos recording and dubbing mode. You will also access progressive scan and an HDMI port. The set can deliver theater surround sound. The average price of the system starts from $250. It is an affordable system that you can buy in case you will like to buy a system that will not cost you a lot. In case you have been looking for a system which will offer you freedom when it comes to recording modes, then you should think of this system. It will offer you a total of 12 programmable recording modes for you to choose from. CHECK HERE FOR SPECIFICS

5. Philips DVP3355V /F7

Philips DVP3355V /F7 system can be bought at a retail price of $137. It is among the quality systems that you can buy and enjoy great VCR/DVD recorder capabilities in your home. You can achieve line in recording through use of a cable/ satellite box. The Hi-Fi stereo VHS helps in enhancing audio playback. It has progressive scan component to enable it achieve optimized image quality. The Dolby digital stream output enables it produce quality sound. The system is among the best sets you can access in the market at considerably low prices. In case you will like to buy a system that will not require you to spend a lot, then you can try the set. Although the set is offered at a considerable low price, it is among the sets you will enjoy having them in your home. There are many people who have tried it and it has really helped them. This can be seen from reviews that they offer online.

6. Toshiba SD-V296

Toshiba DR430 DVD Player/Recorder - 1080p - DQ2752With the player you will enjoy playing different types of discs, for example you will achieve in playing DVD-Video, DVD-R, DVD RW, CD, CD-R, CD-RW and VCD. It supports OSD languages such as French, English and Spanish. It is compatible with Dolby digital 3D surround sound. In case you will like to enjoy great sound quality, then this is a player that will make you happy when in your home trying to listen to music. The Video D/A Converter available have specifications of 108MHz/14-Bit and Component Video Output of Color Stream Pro. The Audio D/A Converter has the capability of 192KHz / 24-Bit. The tunerless Toshiba SD-V296 DVD VCR Combo player has a retail price of $130.

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