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What is the Difference Between a TiVo and DVD Recorder? Benefits of TiVo Recorders

TiVo TCD750500 Premiere 4 Digital Video Recorder (Black)

TiVo DVR is very much alike an ordinary DVD recorder and the much older VCR in that they both give as the ability to record a program and view it later whenever we like. DVD recorder features When we record a program with a DVD (Digital Video Disk) recorder, the information is directly stored on a DVD. The DVD recorder also functions as a DVD player, but because of the DVD technology limitations (invented in 1995) it is not possible to start watching a program when the DVD recorder is in the middle of recording it. You can easily program a DVD recorder to record  a movie at any time that you wish. To do that, the device is using a simple on board timer. Also one other feature that the DVD recorders have is that the DVD’s are removable. Browse List of DVD Recorders TiVo DVR Features When TiVo ...

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