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Toshiba DVR620KU 1080p Upconversion Progressive Scan DVD±RW/VHS Combo Recorder w/HDMI (Black)

Toshiba DVR620 VHS/DVD Recorder Combo – Review
Most of us own a DVD player or recorder these days, since the release of DVRs with build in hard drives, which are designed to record your favorite TV programs to watch later on. Life is busy, therefore we don’t have all night to sit in front of the TV, which is why many of us will store our favorite shows to watch at a later date when we have time.

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The Toshiba DVR620 vhs to dvd recorder is specifically designed for those wishing to convert their VHS tapes to DVDs. It does not come with a digital tuner, so  you cannot record programs from the television; however if you are connected to cable or satellite, then it is possible to watch television or record television shows via this unit. The vhs to dvd recorder Toshiba DVR620 DvD Recorder is better suited for the person who want to create Digital Video  copies of their home movies, family video or perhaps movies that are not available on DVD.
This product is simple and easy to use and the set up process is straight-forward and not complicated at all. With some brands, the set up process can be extremely complicated and the instructions are not simple to follow at all, that being said, you will have this product up and running in no time.Toshiba-DVR620KU

While I do not own this product, it is one that I considered because we already had a DVD recorder with a built in 160 gigabyte hard-drive, which can store many TV shows for when we have time to watch them. I was really only interested in a product that we could use to convert our VHS tapes to a DVD disc and later on we also backed these DVD discs up on an external hard-drive. It was my partner who decided he wanted a product that he could record TV shows from the television. But my partner is a person who wants a product with every available feature.
Toshiba is another one of my favorite brands, which is why I am recommending this product. If you feel that you do not need a VHS to DVD recorder with a digital tuner then you will save quite a lot if you choose this product. This is especially true if you already own a DVD recorder with a built in tuner and hard-drive. I also love Toshiba because I have a very old Toshiba laptop that is almost eight years old and still going strong, even though this laptop of mine has been dropped on the floor twice now.

The other plus with Toshiba is that I found their customer support to be extremely helpful when I began having issues with the DVD burner and the Windows XP updates. The only reason I still use my old lap top is because it has Windows XP on it. They referred me to the right person who helped me get things sorted out. Years ago, I also owned a small, portable TV, and this was a Toshiba, that TV lasted well over fifteen years, which for any TV means it was well made. I gave this TV away to a family member and I believe it still works; not perfectly, but her son watches it in his bedroom. Therefore, my point with all of this is that I very, strongly believe that a good brand is important and a quality product will last a lot longer than a cheaper, lesser known brand.

Conclusion: if all you need is a VHS to DVD Converter then this unit is a great choice. The difference in price is also quite significant. Customers have also reported that the quality of each recording is of a high standard. I would definitely consider putting the Toshiba DVR620  at the top of your list once you have made the decision that this is what you are looking for. I highly recommend this product and this is because Toshiba manufacture outstanding products and if you are looking for quality and a product that will last then you need to get a great brand.
I hope that you found this review helpful.

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  1. I have the toshiba dvd/vcr upconversion recorder. I need to know the best external turner to use to record cable tv stations. My cable does not use a cable box. I had a combo once which had a built in digital turner but vcr stopped but the dvd works but does not record digital.

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