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What is the Difference Between a TiVo and DVD Recorder? Benefits of TiVo Recorders

TiVo DVR is very much alike an ordinary DVD recorder and the much older VCR in that they both give as the ability to record a program and view it later whenever we like.

DVD recorder features

When we record a program with a DVD (Digital Video Disk) recorder, the information is directly stored on a DVD. The DVD recorder also functions as a DVD player, but because of the DVD technology limitations (invented in 1995) it is not possible to start watching a program when the DVD recorder is in the middle of recording it. You can easily program a DVD recorder to record  a movie at any time that you wish.

To do that, the device is using a simple on board timer. Also one other feature that the DVD recorders have is that the DVD’s are removable. Browse List of DVD Recorders

TiVo DVR Features

When TiVo DVR (digital video recorder) records a program, the information is stored on a hard disk. This hard disk is build in and its not removable. However thanks to the DVR technology (invented in 1999), you can start watching a program even if the TiVo recorder is in the middle of recording it. Its easy to understand how useful this feature is , as you don’t have to wait for the device to finish the recording before you can start watching the program.

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What really distinguish TiVo from DVD and simple DVR

Read Pioneer DVR-810HS DVD Recorder with TiVo Basic Service . But the real difference between a DVD recorder and a TiVo DVR is the software that is being utilized by TiVo.  These technologically advanced DVR recorders actually know what they are recording. Through TiVo network they receive program information, including program description, actors, directors, genres, information about repeats and new programs and also information regarding the video resolution and quality.

All this information provides the user with amazing features.  As a user you can select to record an episode or record an entire season of your favorite tv by pressing almost just one button.  You can even choose if you want TiVo to record repeats or new episodes only, or all episodes.

Another useful feature is TiVo suggestions. Utilizing a user rating system, TiVo can make suggestions based on the ratings of other users with similar interests.

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Even when the user has not requested any recording, the system automatically records the current channel for 30 minutes. And this gives to the user another usefull feature called the Live TV control (also called trick play). With Live TV control the user can put a live program on pause, playback and even on slow motion. With the DVD technology Live TV control is impossible. With DVD recorders the only way to use  pause, playback and slow motion is to first record the whole program.

TiVo is integrated with Amazon video on demand  and provides to the user instant access to thousands movies and tv shows. It has many other broadband features, for example you can have information about the weather through the internet. You can setup caller id and have TiVo show you on tv who is calling you on the phone. You can connect its wirelessly with your pc and transfer your movies to edit them. Certain TiVo models support high definition while the DVD’s don’t.

All the above TiVo features exist because of the TiVo advanced software. This means that there are DVD recorders that also feature a build in hard disk , but don’t have TiVo features. In most countries the TiVo service requires a monthly subscription. But there are countries – for example Australia – that TiVo media device is bought for one fee without any further cost.

Sure the TiVo recorder costs more than a simple DVD recorder but with so many features and continuous development it’s worth every penny…

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